Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo!

Years have passed by with me badly wanting a tattoo. My mind full of mixed feelings. Different opinions from different people... Boy have I been confused!

Would I be able to endure the pain? Would my family agree? But then if I did not get it done I would live the rest of my life regretting not having done what I have always wanted.

The first thing that gave me courage was that my family wasn't against it. Yes, they did think I'm crazy and tried talking me out of it. But realizing how much I wanted it they said, “OK, if you are ready to take the pain then go ahead”. Good enough for me!

Many people believe that tattoos are associated with a cult and are considered a taboo in society. To me the tattoo has a completely different meaning. The Scorpio is my zodiac, the traits I was born with, my identity. For me, getting a tattoo done has always been about a powerful depiction of my identity and the strength to overcome the fear of the whole procedure, an achievement.

Even on the day my colleague and I set out to do the long awaited “Art” people reminded us we probably wouldn't be able to endure the pain and if something goes wrong there is no reversing it.

But my mind was prepared. After a long wait the artist arrived. We walked into the studio and sat down on the couch. The first thing we saw was a board with the wordings “PAY AMOUNT BEFORE WORK! PLEASE COOPERATE!” And the images on it... A lady with tattoos all over her body and needles with what looked like blood drops dripping from the tip! Ouch!

OK!!! That was creepy! But then we relaxed... They probably just intended to show the ink dripping. And the paying first and tattoo later caption... Did that mean we would run off when the procedure began??!!

We looked at each other and decided we weren't turning back. The artist asked, “So who goes first?” I stood up and we followed him into a room. Photos of people with different tattoos filled the room. I sat on a chair and the artist sat beside me preparing stuff for the work.

He took out a completely sealed needle and said, “Never go to a studio that says they use sterilized needles. Always check that the needle is a new disposable one”. That somehow gave me a little bit of courage. Here was a man who took the tattoo, not as a taboo, but as an art he was proud of. After preparing my arm with stuff like Vaseline and medicated spirit he pressed the carbon copy of the tattoo on my arm to get the imprint.

He then took the machine. A scary thing that looked and sounded like a drill! He asked, “Are you ready?” I said, “YES!” And then few seconds later I realized he had already begun. I asked, “Is that all?!” It wasn't bad at all. There was no pain, just tiny pricks. Even before I knew he had finished the tattoo, a maximum of half an hour.

I finally had a tattoo. I was the girl with the scorpion tattoo! I had overcome my fear, I had fulfilled my long time dream, and I had my identity imprinted for life.

The entire experience was wonderful and I somehow feel that someday I might go back for the next one!


Meera said...

Cool Seema...

Seema B Menon said...

Thanks Meera :)

Bhavya said...

I nurture the same dream as you. Not a scorpion though, glad to know it did not hurt as much as people say it does :)

Seema B Menon said...

Hi Bhavya :)

Then go for it... what's stopping you :)

Roopa Shukla said...

I am happy to have met you... Its my childhood fantasy to have a tattoo.. As a child never knew there is something called permanent tattoos.. All I knew was about the animated tattoos we used to get with bubble gums and stuffs.. If you weren't there I would have found it difficult to think of fighting the fright of getting a tattoo done.. Finally the fear is no more there.. Next time we would go again.. This time stars on the nape.. Thanks Seemu..

Seema B Menon said...

Hey Roopa :)

No way I would have gone if you hadn't come with me :P Hehehe... Biiggg thanks to you :)

Sandy Carlson said...

Good for you, Scorpion girl! Any pictures?

Seema B Menon said...

Hi Sandy :) So good to c u... Yes I'm gonna post a picture right away :)

sindhu said...

Now am thinking ...shud i ?

sindhu said...

And i did ... yayyyy thanks ....u myinspiration